French the natural way: comme un bébé !

Coucou les French learners,

C’est la rentrée ! As we say in French, it is back to school or back to work time! The end of summertime 🙁

For many of us, la rentrée 2020 is like no others!

” Go, prepare yourself for school!!!” – ” But, on Facebook, I had put ‘ will not participate’ “

For us, it has meant hard work! All our exclusive videos were down again and we had to find another hosting solution. We found a better host and ALL videos are now back. And we have nearly finished the Baby Stage online self paced course! YOUPI !

MERCI DU FOND DU COEUR, THANK YOU for your support and for your patience. We fell truly blessed to have such a CARING, SUPPORTIVE, AMAZING COMMUNITY of French learners and teachers !

Act like a baby

When it comes to becoming fluent in French, THINK and ACT like a BABY!

Watch Barbara Horvath video about how languages are acquired. Barbara explains very well how all babies are EXPERTS in acquiring languages. In fact, babies are able to acquire one or more languages by the time they are three years old. It is truly amazing!

Barbara Horvath explains: “ babies don’t sit down and think about learning a language. It is just happening to them all the time. It is IMPLICIT. They don’t even know about it. Babies listen, listen and listen to the people around them. They acquire languages ONLY through LISTENING. They focus on MEANING, NOT ON FORM. When babies listen, they want to UNDERSTAND the world around them. They want to MAKE SENSE of what they HEAR. They don’t care if the sentence they heard was in simple past or present perfect! They just want to understand!

I observe my sweet baby girl daily and it is truly amazing how she observes us when we talk. She is listening and observing our faces and gestures all the time. She truly wants to understand us. Of course she doesn’t speak yet. She can’t speak yet because she hasn’t had enough input. Speaking is the RESULT of input.


LISTEN, listen and listen like a BABY. Concentrate on the meaning, not the form.


The NEW FREE VIDEO features the best French rapper of all time, MC Solaar! I must admit I don’t quite like rap music but I do like listening to MC Solaar. His songs lyrics are always so poetic.

As I mentioned at the start of the newsletter, the Baby Stage online self paced course for beginners is almost finished. There are now 30 SESSIONS AVAILABLE!!! Each session includes an exclusive video to watch, the video script to read and to listen to, and a glossary.

The last two sessions tackle useful words! Session 29 is all about pourquoi ? and parce que. Session 30 is about the two ways of expressing to know in French, savoir and connaître. Needless to say ALL sessions come with compelling stories. Like babies, you get to listen to stories to ACQUIRE (NOT learn) the French language NATURALLY.


Barlow Humphreys who joined us says: ” I am a subscriber to your website at a B1 level and love your work but especially your Marie et Médor à Paris . Your work with the white board and storytelling is truly brilliant and inspired. I sincerely believe your work with Marie et Médor à Paris and the white board is a type of channeling of Saint-Exupéry and his drawings in Le Petit Prince. You have truly captured his very rare spirit in your drawings. Thank you so much.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Got friends, family, colleagues or clients who want to become fluent in French? Share this with them, they’ll thank you for it 🙂

P.P.S Please do let us know if you cannot view the exclusive videos on the membership! So we can fix the problem quickly, MERCI !

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