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Become fluent in French the simple way.
Use your limited time efficiently and effectively and acquire French.
Simplify your journey to amplify your French.

What is holding you back from success?

Have you heard or thought “I have no time, I am too busy”, “I am not good at languages”, “I can’t speak French!”?!
If yes, it is probably because you were taught French “the traditional way”.
You had to learn long lists of vocabulary out of context. You had to study grammar rules. You had to speak French from day one in front of a whole class and it made you anxious!
You maybe think you have to be an extrovert to speak French or you have to spend hours memorizing vocabulary flashcards?
Perhaps, you think only smart, hard-working and determined people can become fluent in French?

I am here to tell you ALL of the above is WRONG.

Anyone can become fluent in one or several languages.
You can become fluent in French.
You don’t have to be smarter or hard-working.
You just have to comprehend what you hear or read.

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My own story

I became fluent in Spanish the easy way. I just listened to Spanish people around me. I had a special friend called Cristina and she talked to me slowly and in a comprehensible way. So I started to understand more and more Spanish and one day I could speak to her. Cristina was kind my “Spanish mama”! She helped me understand Spanish and once I could understand it, she gave me the confidence to speak Spanish.

I didn’t study Spanish, I didn’t learn Spanish, I acquired Spanish.

Then later on, I became a language teacher and I taught French “the traditional way”. I taught my students word lists and grammar rules but it didn’t work. My students hated French, they couldn’t understand French, they couldn’t utter a word and… I was discouraged!

I was about to quit when I discovered Dr Stephen Krashen hypotheses about language acquisition. You acquire a language when you understand what you hear or read. Linguistic competence develops when language is subconsciously acquired. Your brain does the work for you!

It clicked! I realized this is exactly how I acquired Spanish, then English and French when I was a baby. It was so simple! From then on, I was on a mission to teach French with optimal input. My students loved it and they became proficient and fluent in French. I am now on a mission!

I am here to help you acquire French when you have a busy day. I am your “French maman”! It can be a relaxing experience to look forward to. Remember, let your brain do the work for you and enjoy a good story. It is simple!

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How can you Become fluent in French the simple way?

I have put together a very special course to help you start your French journey. All you have to is to sit back and relax. You are going to listen to compelling stories. Listen with the intent to understand.

I have put together a series of exclusive videos to help you acquire French. All videos tell you comprehensible stories.

Once you understand the gist of the story, you are done. Your brain is processing the new language for you and is storing the French words.

You are also going to read compelling stories. You will not focus on French but on the story. You will want to know how the story ends and your brain will acquire French subconsciously.

When you understand what you hear or read, that is when your brain acquires the new language. The new structures will then stay in your brain forever because you have acquired them (not learned them).

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What are the benefits?

  • Understand French stories and store the new words forever in your brain.
  • Build a strong French foundation.
  • Acquire the most frequent French words and structures used in everyday conversations.
  • Speak spontaneously when you are ready to.
  • Become fluent in French effortlessly. Words come out of your mouth naturally without thinking.
  • Get supported by a caring community. You are not alone in your journey!
  • Communicate in French in the greatest number of contexts.
  • Create a mental representation of the language.
  • No need to translate word to word in your head, no need to repeat what I am saying. Speaking will come naturally.
  • No need to memorize words because you will hear them again and again in different stories. Your brain will store the new words.
  • Get confident to start speaking when you are ready to.
  • Amplify your French by just listening and reading stuff which is interesting!
  • Become an autonomous and life-long language learner.
  • Get long term impressive results.

Simplify your journey to amplify your French.

Acquiring (NOT learning) a language is an enjoyable experience. No NEED to study, memorize word lists and grammar rules.

Sit comfortably, listen, read, try to understand, ENJOY.

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  • LIVE EVENT every 3 weeks;
  • The Baby Stage - A self paced course with videos, scripts and audio for beginners;
  • Exclusive stories (with downloadable PDF file) for all levels;
  • Podcasts to go with the stories;
  • Audiobooks to listen on the go;
  • All published eBooks included;
  • New resources updated regularly.

This is what you can access so far. It is still work in progress!

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Simplify your journey to amplify your French.

There are two paths to become fluent in French: to study and learn French the painful way or to enjoy the journey and become fluent the simple way!

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