Your French Teacher

Acquire French the natural way!

Take your French journey to the next level with:

  • NEW! LIVE BOOK CLUB every 3 weeks;
  • A self paced course with videos, scripts and audio for beginners;
  • Exclusive stories (with downloadable PDF file) for all levels;
  • Podcasts to go with the stories;
  • Audiobooks to listen on the go;
  • All published eBooks included;
  • New resources updated regularly.

Join the French learner community HERE NOW!

Want to boost your French this spring? Join me at Express Fluency for a weekly beginner class and intermediate class. Classes start mid-April.

Acquire the language the natural way:

  • Get long term impressive results because it is different from the traditional language approaches.
  • It is based on Story Listening: you listen to stories with the intent to understand. When you understand, you acquire the language.
  • Your brain stores the new words effortlessly and permanently because stories generate multiple connections.
  • Create a mental representation of the language.
  • Receive rich language so that you become an autonomous and life-long language learner.
  • Listen and read about what interests you.

Remember that acquiring (and not learning) a language is an enjoyable experience.