Who am I?

Hello, I am Alice Ayel, I come from Paris in France and I have been a teacher of modern languages (French, Spanish) for more than 20 years now. I have taught French and Spanish in middle and high schools in the UK and in Germany. I now teach languages online to people from all over the world and it is a lot of fun! My learners achieve excellent results and enjoy learning another language.

My Dear Man and I make comprehensible videos online on YouTube to help learners acquire French the natural way. And we launched a membership to help French learners read and listen to comprehensible and compelling stories everyday.

Our goal is to make French accessible to everyone.

I am a mum of four boys. My boys can speak French, German, Portuguese as well as English!

So as you can see my family and I are immersed in languages and that is why I want to share my passion for languages with you. Acquiring another language opens up new opportunities and gives you perspectives that you might never have encountered otherwise.

My site is about helping YOU acquire French (and Spanish) the natural way.

It is also about being a mum which means cooking for a family and trying to relax with yoga!

Follow my journey as a language booster, mum and yogi….

And please feel free to comment!



19 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Salut Alice,

    eh ben ! tu t’éclates sur internet !!!
    C’est Laure, de Paris, de l’Alma. Comment tu vas ? Alors, 3 enfants !!!
    Moi aussi, 3 filles !!! maintenant on vit à Perpignan, ou plutôt dans un village à côté. Tout va bien, il fait beau, il fait chaud, si ça continue demain c’est plage !!!
    Donnes-moi de tes nouvelles


  2. Alice

    Muchas gracias por compartir tu conocimiento acerca del IB Español B. Yo soy nativa de Honduras y español fue mi primer idioma hasta la edad de casi 7 años. Desde entonces Ingles tomo possession de mi.

    Ahora vivo en China, soy bibliotecaria en una escuela internacional. Este es nuestro primer año aquí, me han pedido que enseñe IB Español B NS. Me gustan los retos así que accedí, pero muchas veces me siento que no se que es lo que estoy. He tomado un taller por medio del IB por internet pero fue mas perdida de tiempo y dinero.

    Me gustaría poder comunicarme contigo acerca de como integrar literatura con los temas troncales.

    Muchas gracias de antemano.. tu pagina la tengo en mis favoritos para obtener acceso inmediato.


  3. Bonjour,
    Je me présente : Jérôme, du blog Le Français illustré (https://lefrancaisillustre.com). Je lance un carnaval d’articles sur le thème : le support visuel dans l’apprentissage d’une langue étrangère. Je serais très heureux si vous vouliez participer à ce carnaval d’articles. Vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations nécessaires sur : https://lefrancaisillustre.com/support-visuel-apprentissage-langue/
    A bientôt de vous lire,
    Le Français illustré

  4. Hello! And thank you so much for helping us with our french learning! This is a unique resource and is perfect for the way I like to learn. I was wondering, is it possible to download audio files of the videos so I can be listening to them while I work?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am not sure if you are referring the videos on YouTube or the resources on the membership. You can download all files as mp3 on the membership for as little as 4.75 Euros a month https://www.aliceayel.com/membership-login/welcome/ I am pretty sure it is possible to download the videos on YouTube as audio files but I don’t know exactly how. You would have to do a little search. I hope I have answered your question. Happy French acquisition!

    1. Bonjour Mary and congratulations! You have watched all the Baby Stage videos available so far!!! There will be more coming soon. In the meantime, you can watch, read and listen to the Marie and Médor adventures in Paris. They are 10 stories, the first one is here https://www.aliceayel.com/resources/marie-a-une-obsession/

      You can download the eBook for free because you are a member and also read the stories in the past tense https://www.aliceayel.com/?product/Nouvelles-aventures_Marie-et-Medor-a-Paris_v1.0_Standard-edition.pdf

      When you type “easy, beginner, upper beginner” in the search box, you will have access to more stories to read and to listen to. Here are some suggestions:

      Finally, you can listen to this audiobook https://www.aliceayel.com/leo-et-anton/

      Happy French acquisition!

  5. Bonjour! Your resume is impressive and it’s wonderful your children are so multi-lingual. It’s nice to get to know a little bit about my French teacher! 🙂 “merci” from Southern California.

  6. Bonjour! I was wondering if the transcripts for the Michelin and Lanvin videos are available. I can’t seem to find them. Merci!

  7. Hi Alice,

    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a while now and think your method of teaching French is one of the best I’ve seen. I can understand the gist of all your YouTube stories, so I recently decided to take it a step further by subscribing to your website. I haven’t explored everything on your site yet, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen, so far. I can see that you have put a lot of work into this site and that you are passionate about making French available to everyone. You have motivated me to want to become fluent in French, so thank you very much for your enthusiasm. 🙂

    1. Merci du fond du coeur Barry ! Your comment made my day. I am so happy you are motivated to become fluent in French. Welcome to the French learners community and Happy French acquisition 🙂

  8. Hi Alice, thank you so much. You are the best French teacher. I am a new member and still getting to know all the ways I can improve my French through your site. I wonder if you will make more cooking videos. I really enjoy them and have made the recipes you already showed. Thank you so much and blessings to you and your family.

  9. Alice, I can’t seem to log in to the Infant stage and I can’t find whether or not I still have a subscription, or how I paid for the course in the beginning.
    Where do I look?

    Russ Coad

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