French the natural way: start acquiring French in 3 steps

Coucou Les French learners,

C’est fini !!! The Baby Stage Online Self Paced course is finally done!

  • 31 sessions to ACQUIRE the French BASICS;
  • 31 videos to watch;
  • 31 scripts to read with a glossary to help you understand the new words;
  • 31 audios (recorded by my Dear Man’s voice) to listen to!

Santé ! Cheers!

In over ONE MONTH, BUILD the FOUNDATIONS to help you become FLUENT in French.


Check out my Instagram or Facebook Page to watch daily snippets of what the course looks like. You will start to acquire French along the way!

Tell us about YOU, how you feel, your favorite session, your favorite story, word and/or expression in a short video on Flipgrid. IT is SUPER DUPER EASY! AND It helps build a CARING COMMUNITY of French learners.

Le Français en 3 étapes


Instead of learning French, ACQUIRE French the NATURAL way in 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: HEAR, HEAR, HEAR! Act as if you were a baby, acquire French ONLY through LISTENING. You know the saying: “A little goes a long way”. Take every opportunity to listen to French. so that you brain can process the new structures and vocabulary. Whenever I am ironing or cooking, I listen to German. The Baby Stage has 31 videos and 31 audios to listen to. And the weekly suggestions have an audio playlist with stories which you can play wherever you are!
  • STEP 2: Listen WITH THE INTENT TO UNDERSTAND. Focus on MEANING, NOT ON FORM. This is how your brain will do the work for you. When you understand what you hear, your brain absorbs and acquires the new language. Listen to French you can understand. Guess what? The Bay Stage helps you understand French from Day 1.
  • STEP 3: Focus on the high frequency words. Did you know that most people only use around 500 words (if not less) in their everyday conversations? Instead of memorizing huge lists of vocabulary, aim at acquiring the most frequent words used in French, so that you can understand 90% of the spoken language. The Baby Stage introduces to those super frequent words. Session by session, you gradually absorb the most used structures. 


Listen. Understand. Focus on the most used French words.



The NEW FREE VIDEO features THE heroine of France for her role during the Hundred Years’ War, Sainte Jeanne d’Arc.

It is the last episode of the series Qui est ? I hope you enjoyed it! My Dear Man and I are taking a break from YouTube BUT we will back in October for a new series. Watch out for this space!

The Infant Stage Online Self Paced Course will be starting SOON on the membership.

And there is a NEW AUDIOBOOK to listen to in collaboration with Jennifer Degenhardt, author of many compelling readers for language learners. I am thrilled about this new collaboration. La Nouvelle Fille is about une rencontre between the new girl in town, Akshara and a boy, Cooper. The book is perfect for advanced beginners. It is written in the present tense and the vocabulary and structures are simple and comprehensible.

I am also thrilled to work with Express Fluency again! I am starting an intermediate French class for adults on Tuesday 22nd September at 12 pm EST. And I hope you can join me! Find all the details about the course here


Giovanni Genova says: ” I have so enjoyed the ” Qui est ?” series that I shall be sorry to see them come to an end. And the Portugal, Germany and Paris culture videos are also among my favorites.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Got friends, family, colleagues or clients who want to become fluent in French? Share this with them, they’ll thank you for it 🙂


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