French the natural way: trust your brain!

2 thoughts on “French the natural way: trust your brain!

  1. Bonjour Alice, i agrée with your suggestions. I noticed that the more I hear a certain word or group of words it’s easier not only to remember them but also to use them. The poems by Jacques Prevert that are at the end of the Senior stories are beautiful and helpful. Their phrases are short and use the same words very frequently. For example in his poem, Rue Seine, a woman repeatedly exclaims “dis-moi la vérité, dis-moi la vérité. Not only does the poet help us understand that truth can be elusive, and have different interpretations, but also helps the French learner by fixing the impassioned phrase, it’s words meaning and sound in us.

    I can’t believe I went through all the stories. I’m going to concentrate on my favorite ones and listen to them as often as possible. I signed up for your next class and am looking forward to it immensely. Blessings to you and your family, Diane Lundegaard

    1. Merci infiniment Diane. Je suis si heureuse que tu apprécies les poèmes de Prévert. Ils sont si simples et si beaux. BRAVO pour avoir terminer de lire les centaines d’histoires sur notre site. C’est formidable, bravo !