Il y a – Baby Stage – Vidéo 1

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  1. Loved, loved my first video. I watched it a few of times. I also found the audio+script+vocabulary very useful to enhance my comprehension.

    Aunque ya tengo muchos años hablando inglés, el español es mi lengua materna. Y como esperaba, encuentro muchas similaridades con el francés. Estoy muy emocionado en mi nueva aventura!

    1. Welcome Jason! It depends on our goals and how much time you can spend daily. The most time you spend daily getting input, the more you understand, the more you acquire the language. You can start small 10-15 mins a day, then increase it to 30 mins and then 1 hour a day. From 1 hour to several hours daily is optimal!

  2. I understood so much and the words. The vocabulary list helped a lot to show the spelling and for the few words I didn’t know the meaning. Thank you so much!

  3. I have been watching the YouTube videos for a while now, but honestly, they are a bit beyond my comprehension level, the other day when I see your video about creating baby steps videos I knew I was signing up. I have watched it, and honestly, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what someone at my level needs. Thank you.

  4. Bonjour Tous le monde, Hello Everyone,
    Merci Alice pour ce video, mp3 et Pdf.

    Il est tres bon que vous depensez votre temps repondre des questions.

    Je me sens il y a bon atmosphere et bon solidaire.

  5. Hello Alice,
    about a month ago I made a choice of becoming fluent in French, as I adore everything French! (I should have done it long ago…). I have began to learn French on my own from multiple online resources but always felt that I needed to find one GREAT resource that would take me from zero to fluency. I am truly happy to have found you and your style of teaching. At last, I feel that I am in good hands and that my journey will be easy and fun! Extremely exited, your new Russian Canadian fried, Natalia 🙂

  6. Je suis une Indonésienne. J’espère que je peux parler Français très bonne un jour. Je suis une débutante en j’adore beaucoup ta vidéos. Merci.

  7. Hello, found you on YouTube and glad to subscribe. I did quite a bit of research on comprehensible input and I’m convinced this is the way to learn a new language. I speak fluent English and Spanish and look forward to the addition of French. Merci Alice for bringing this method of learning to the public.

    1. Welcome to the French Learners community Claudia 🙂 I think French will be kind of easier for you to grasp because you are already fluent in English and Spanish. Those two languages will help you to understand French. Happy French acquisition!

  8. Bonjour Alice. Thank you for these lessons, I look forward to working through these, this style of learning makes so much sense to me. With the supplemental lessons that are posted, are there vocabulary lists?


    1. Merci Deborah. Yes, you will find a glossary at the end of each story. This is not a vocabulary list to memorize but rather a list of unknown words to help you understand the story better. The goal is to understand what you hear and read to acquire French naturally and painlessly.

  9. Hi Alice! I’m really glad I found your site. I’m thrilled! I just joined this afternoon and have finished the first lesson. I can already tell I’m going to get a lot out of it!

    1. Bonjour Robb, thank you very much for your kind comment. I have just sent you an email concerning the issue with your payment. In the meantime, I wish you the best in your French journey!

  10. Salut. Je suis brésilien et je suis très heureux pour rencontrer votre travaille. Je vous comprends bien et bientôt j’espère parler naturellement. Je vous remerci.

  11. Oh lala, regarde, maman alice ayel. Il y a beaucoup de histoires ici. J’adore cette histoire mais ça l’air trop facile pour moi. On y va 🙂

  12. Alice…Una pregunta …en 3 meses debo terminar todos los videos ….No entiendo mucho cómo debo organizarme. Puedes recomendarme cóomo debo hacer este curso .

    1. Alejandra, tu haces como quieres y como puedes con el tiempo que tienes.

      Puedes hacer una nueva sesión del Baby Stage cada dia o puedes hace mas sesiones diariamente o menos sesiones.
      También puedes repetir una sesión si te gusta la historia o si no has entendido todo.

      Cuando has terminado el Baby Stage puedes empezar el Infant Stage y también puedes leer y escuchar historias para principiantes

      Espero que mi respuesta te ayude.

  13. Vale muchas gracias. Entonces entiendo que todos los días puede ver un video y trabajar yo sola y cuando este en el nivel Infant Stage puedo además leer y escuchar historias para principiantes.

    Merci beaucoup,
    Bonne nuit,

  14. Someday I will be able to express in French to you Alice, of my joy and deep gratitude. You are awesome! The program you have developed works. I am so excited….Finally, I am acquiring French ! YES!!! Merci Beaucoup.

  15. Cette histoire a une place spéciale dans mon cœur. Cette histoire set me on the path, the journey d’acquérir la langue française, mon rêve ! Merci Maman Alice. Je l’écoute beaucoup de temps et je souris. It keeps me wanting for more.

  16. I have watched quite a few videos of yours on YouTube Alice! I loved this intro baby stage video. All your videos are very engaging, and I’m always excited to watch the next one. I watched this first one a few times, I’m extremely excited my language acquisition journey!

  17. Alice, Merci! You bring such an excitement to the stories and they are so fun to watch. I started watching on YouTube, but liked them so much that I joined your program. Looking forward to learning more. Á bientôt!

  18. Bonjour Alice!
    Je habite Brussels depuis august, 2022. Je suis tres content cas je peux apprendre le francaise avec vous.
    French is my fourth language after learning german which is my 3rd language.
    I happy to try different approach to learn french this time following your method.
    Merci beaucoup!!

  19. Bonjour Alice 🙂
    This is great! For me it is beneficial to finally have sentences spoken word by word slowly. I’ve picked up a bad habit of trying to pronounce words a fast as I can which, I think, only hurts rather than helps. Even though I understand quite a bit, I’m going to start my journey here from Baby-1 because the way I “learned” was to translate in my head instead of assuming another persona. I have a lot of “unlearning” to do!

    1. C’est super Ken. It is OK to want to translate at first, don’t feel bad about it because it is going to be even more frustrating for you! As you listen to more and more stories, your brain will subconsciously switch to French and the urge to translate will little by little disappear. Trust the process and ENJOY!

  20. I absolutely LOVED IT Alice! I’m amazed by the way you teach.. It’s very helpful, and the resources and material are fantastic! Best investiment EVER!
    Congratulations and thank you so much, I can’t wait to start Baby Stage 2!

  21. Salut Alice,
    Very entertaining story and i learned some new vocabulary too!  Looking forward to histoire numero deux.

    à bientôt
  22. Beaucoup vraiment merci Alice votre patience ce presenter pour videos. Je suis debutant langue francaise et vous videos are genial!! (forgive my sentence construction (still learning), I am happy I subscribed and do not regret it)

  23. Bonjour Alice,

    I just recently purchased a membership to your site, so I’m new here and still learning how things work. I love listening to your stories. I wanted to download some of them to my phone so that I can play them while I’m falling asleep. I was so excited when I saw that you have a feature to download the mp3 file, but I was confused when I played it back, and found a man’s voice! At first I thought I must have downloaded it in a slower than normal playback speed, so I downloaded it again, but I got the same result. Am I missing something, or is that just the way it is? When I watch the videos, it is with you and your voice, but if I download the audio, then it will be with a man’s voice? I’m just looking for some clarity.


    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Bonjour Tayhallie,

      Yes, the mp3 downloads are my husband’s voice, Ben. Listening to different voices and ways of speaking is best to acquire a new language. Vocabulary acquisition happens gradually over time. Word meanings are complex, and it takes lots of exposure to a word before a learner fully understands all its meanings and can use the word on their own. Learners need to encounter a word numerous times through input before they can acquire it.

      Listening to the same words or structures spoken by different voices helps a lot. A study where Spanish learners heard the same vocabulary presented by different talkers showed their vocabulary acquisition increased substantially compared to those on listened to one unique voice.

      Listening to multiple talkers and/or multiple speaking styles (one individual using different types of voices) and/or speaking rate facilitates vocabulary acquisition. You can read more about it in a newsletter I wrote in the past

      I hope this is clearer for you now. Let me know!

  24. Merci Alice! je parle et comprends un peu le français (sans instruction formelle) et je cherche sans succès une manière moins ennuyeuse d’avancer. Votre méthode est plus intéressante et donne une base plus solide que mon approche aléatoire. Merci! (avec l’aide de Google Translate )

  25. Watched the first time. Yeah not bad. Second OK. Third I actually started laughing as I was getting “it” – beginning to understand. What a simple brilliant way of teaching. Thank you.

  26. Hello from the Pacific Northwest of USA; I am so thankful to have found you, Alice, and your way of teaching French. I listen to the baby steps over and over as I bake and then once the kids are napping; I sit down and listen again but with more attention and I find I can understand, without realizing how I am understanding/discerning.  The tone and gesture and drawings all help me absorb the “baby” stage much like a child would. Thank you, thank you! The vocabulary and conversation review at the conclusion is so clear and helpful! It helps me retain what I’ve just heard.  Really, really grateful for your course – thank you again!

  27. Alice,

    Merci beaucoup for your beautiful heart and your teaching style.  I felt adrift and now I feel like I have come home.  I consider you as my ‘French Language Mom’.  Bonjour, Maman.

  28. Coucou,

    J’ai une question:

    Pourquoi, écrivez-vous une Maman et la Maman avec majuscule, mais sa maman avec minuscule. Le mot maman s’écrit lorsqu’il contient un article avec une majuscule?

    Gracias de antemano por la respuesta.

  29. Bon jour, Alice. I’ve started this marvellous trip through language accusition to achieve the goal of learning french effortless.

    Aujourd’hui il y a un garçon à Barcelona qui comence son voyage pour apprendre le français naturellement.



  30. Enjoying the site so far. Question: what is the function of that little green keyword search bot at the bottom-right of the page? Merci

      1. Alice, when I enter a french word ( I tried dègoûtant for example) nothing happens when I either click on ENTER on my laptop or click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of Marcel’s screen. I do get the little info message at the bottom telling me what to do. I also do not get a random phrase when I leave the input box empty, as it says I should. Any ideas? Merci, Banjo.


          1. Thanks Alice. Marcel seems to be responding OK now, but not completely. I now get the auto-generated expressions and the audio. However, when I type in my own french word and try to search, nothing comes back. Do I need to type in a longer expression such as “faire de la chance” for example, rather than just a single word? Just curious. Banjo.

          2. Thanks for letting us know about the BOT bug. It is currently disabled it until it is fixed.