French the natural way: c’est bon pour le moral !

Coucou Les French learners,

Comment ça va ? Vous avez le moral ? Ou vous avez le moral dans les chaussettes ?

How is it going? You feel good? or you are feeling low (your spirits are in your socks)?

To not have the mood in the socks, I take off my socks.

Recently, one of my online learners shared this article in the New York Times about this American journalist who has been living in Paris for 15 years and is still not fluent as she had envisioned when she moved to France! The title of this article is “Why is French so hard to learn?“.

Of course, when you are in the process of learning French and have high expectations, this kind of article will certainly bring your moral in les chaussettes!!!

Mais ne désespérez pas ! Do not despair! I am here to bring you the GOOD news!

C’est bon pour le moral

Do you know this song from La Compagnie Créole ? Ma grand-mère used to always play it to feel good or better.

Pour être de bonne humeur, c’est excellent, n’est-ce pas ?  Read les paroles, the lyrics here.

Just yesterday, Judith Dubois, also known as the Witch in Agen shared this thoughtful article supported by scientific data proving that “adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children”.

Scott Chacon, the author of the article, explains that the main issue is TIME. It is not about learning grammar rules, nor long lists of words, nor brain plasticity. It is about exposure to the language.

Scott Chacon rightly asks: “If you’re in an English speaking school for 5 hours a day as a kid and your parent is studying the same language for an hour a day while you’re there and the kid learns 5 times faster than the parent, is it fair to then conclude that kids learn better than adults?

The article ends on an optimistic note: “You can become fluent in a language in a few years of work, I see it all the time. Even starting much later in life, it’s still possible (if not as common) to reach incredibly high levels of mastery.

Chaque jour un peu…

It is easy for language learners to get discouraged because it takes TIME to acquire a language. Mais attention ! It doesn’t take effort. Acquiring another language is EFFORTLESS.

All you need to find is TIME to listen to and read comprehensible input.


Today marks the 10th day of the May challenge #enmaifaisdufraçais

BRAVO ! Keep it up! Show up everyday and get some French input.

If you haven’t started yet, no worries. START NOW!

If you want to watch something else than my videos, or if you’d rather read a book, START NOW!

Today’s challenge video is a short one about a French children’s book. It is a cute story about a Dad and his son playing football.

Let’s support & motivate each other. When you have watched a video, share it on Social Media with#coucou2019. That way, you also make yourself accountable.


The only cure is MORE INPUT.


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Yearly and monthly subscription to exclusive stories and podcasts should be ready next week! We are now preparing a tutorial to show you how easy it is to get more compelling French input!!!

P.P.S Did you enjoy the first video of the new series Au Portugal? A second video is coming tomorrow



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