French the natural way: honor where you’re at

Coucou les French learners,

The title of today’s newsletter does not come from me. It comes from my favourite online yoga teacher, Adriene Mishler. Two weeks ago, I started the 31 days Yoga Revolution to get ready for Christmas and the 3rd day practice was Honor:

Accept and honor who you are and where you are each time you hit the yoga mat / acquire French. You are going to meet resistance, perhaps you already have. So today, instead of turning off, away or giving up -we not only accept where we are but practice honoring it.”

How many times do you get in a negative mode and you think:  ” je suis coincé “, I am stuck?

I am rubbish, I don’t improve, I don’t speak, I don’t dare

Speaking takes time, it is the result of listening and reading. 

Honor where you’re at in your French journey. Language acquisition takes time but the journey is SO worth it!


Sois qui tu es

This fable is a popular one in France thanks to famous poet, Jean de La Fontaine who wrote it beautifully!

Avant Noël

It is now the end of season #4 but don’t be sad! Something exciting is coming very soon!

Starting tomorrow: new adventures with Marie, l’artiste et son chien Médor.

This was the very first video I published last year when I started my YouTube channel. The goal was to make French acquisition accessible to all for free. Since then, the channel has grown but the most popular video remains the first one with Marie and her dog, Médor. That is why my Dear Man and I thought of following them in new Christmas adventures.

Tu es prêt / prête ? Are you ready for 24 brand new stories right up till Noël, Christmas!!!

Be sure to share this new playlist with you family, friends, colleagues… Anyone who wants to acquire French naturally and joyfully!
Remember #inputaloneissufficient
Also, I love hearing from you so keep up sending me feedback. I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. The 30 scripts of the season 1 videos are still being proofread!!! Watch out for the eBook (pdf) release in December!

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