French the natural way: en mai, fais du français 2019

Coucou les French learners,

Joyeux premier mai, Happy 1st May!

May this bit of lily of the valley bring you happiness all year long

Why do the French give muguet, lily of the valley on the 1st of May? Find out in le Petit Scribe blog post.

En mai, fais du français

This year, I have another special challenge for you! I have created un calendrier du mois de mai 2019, a May calendar 2019.

Each day of the coming month, watch one of my videos.

Focus on comprehensible French input everyday!

Listen to a fun story.

Discover a beautiful part of Portugal or France.

Read a book with me.

Find out about a compelling French reader.

Listen to a magical tale, a Greek myth or a fable.


Can you raise the challenge?

Télécharge le calendrier, download the calendar here.

Invite a friend or loved one to join you for the month.

I have also assembled the playlist on YouTube so you can START NOW!

First video is a fun love story involving des chiens roses, pink dogs!

You can save the calendar and check off each day as you go or you can follow along with the playlist.

The new videos (or Nouveau !) are released on Saturdays.

When you have watched a video, share it on Social Media with #coucou2019. That way, you make yourself accountable and we can support and motivate each other!

I am super exciting about this and I hope you are too!!! I hope to see many #coucou2019


The only cure is MORE INPUT.


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.


Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Yearly and monthly subscription to over 150 exclusive stories and podcasts are nearly ready! Can’t wait to share more compelling French input with you!!!

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