French the natural way: les deux ingrédients

Coucou les French learners,

C’est presque la fin du mois de janvier, it is nearly the end of January.

Are you keeping with your resolutions or objectives?

This year: I stop smoking, I do sport, I eat organic, I grow young again, I go to sleep early

Read this great blog post about les bonnes résolutions. It has three parts from difficile to le plus difficile and it has a glossary for each part. Just perfect to start reading in French!

Listen to this song by La Grande Sophie : c’est amusant, it’s fun!

Here are the two simple ingredients to acquire French with joy: listening & reading.

Because #inputaloneissufficient


Dr. Beniko Mason says in a recent interview with Dr Stephen Krashen: “It is the most natural and ordinary way of acquiring a language. People have acquired foreign languages from listening to what they understand from the beginning of human history.

Beginner French learners often ask me on my YouTube channel if they should speak right away and/or practice writing in French. My answer is always to listen as much as you can to input you mostly understand to start with.

In his latest video, polyglot Steve Kaufmann explains how listening is the core skill to acquire another language. He compares it to the the core in our body: it takes regular practice but the more you listen, the more you understand, the more vocabulary and structures you acquire.


Of course, reading is the other key ingredient to acquire another language. And that  is why, this month of January is dedicated to critiques de livres, book reports!

This week’s book is another French reader written by Kristy Placido (who also wrote Nuits mystérieuses à Lyon).  The story happens in Cameroun, which is a francophone country in Africa. Read and Listen about la francophonie on Podcast Français Facile.

Watch my review and let me know if you have read it already or want to read it:

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Remember to #trusttheprocess

I love hearing from you so keep up sending me feedback. I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

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