What do the other students do when some are recording a podcast?

When some students are recording their IGCSE questions and answers to practice for the oral examination, I like to have the other students work in different stations so that nobody misses out during the lesson. The recording process is one station and I am lucky enough to have a spare room next to my classroom which is rarely used so that my students can record themselves in a quiet space. The first 10 minutes or so of the lesson are spent preparing the answers to the questions and when the recording process starts, each group goes to a station to work on a specific skill or topic. Here are some examples:

listening.station The listening station where students listen to a CD and answer some comprehension questions. On this picture, I used an exercise from their textbooks. Students can play and pause the CD according to their needs so it is less stressful than a “whole class” listening exercise.

vocab.station The vocabulary station where students memorize new words from a picture-vocabulary book or some worksheets. Students can test each other and work at their own pace.

flashcard.station The flashcard station. In that case students were reviewing prepositions and were asking each other “where is the mouse?”; they could also use the small whiteboards to practice spelling.

computer.station The computer station. I only have one computer in my classroom but it is perfect for station work. I usually get my students to browse the resources on my Pinterest boards.

I find station work does not involve much preparation and because students are working in small groups and at their own pace, I find that they are more productive and engaged. I can also get to help the ones who are struggling more efficiently. By the way, here is another board on Audioboo to review questions and answers about home town and local area:

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