Different language projects around the topic of school

The topic of school in grade 6 (11-12 years old) gives the opportunity to learn about the facilities at a school, the different subjects and the time (here is the curriculum I planned for this topic). At the end of the topic I like to have a my students work on a project to recap all the new vocabulary and structures they have learned. In the past, my students had to record a radio interview where a radio presenter would ask questions to several students about their school: listen to ‘Una entrevista sobre una escuela.’ on Audioboo

Another fun project was to design a leaflet about an ideal school and then present it:

This year, I asked my students to design and present their ideal school in the middle of the topic, which means that my students had only learned about the vocabulary related to the different facilities in a school. I wanted them to use “hay..” and different connectives such as “también“, “tampoco“, “pero“… My students really enjoyed the designing process and they did a great job presenting their schools as it was their first oral presentation in Spanish. I did not record them this time but I took pictures of their creative school plans:
After each presentation, the rest of the class had to feedback about the fluency of the speech as well as the use of varied vocabulary and structures and creativity. The feedback was very constructive as my students took note of the different connectives and structures used as well as how the words were pronounced. Overall, it was an engaging project with good peer-assessment.

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