How to practice and review the general conversation for the IGCSE oral exam?

My students in grade 10 have a speaking examination in 5 weeks time and I believe this is the most stressful part of their IGCSEs. In order to prepare them well for the general conversation (which consists of asking a series of linked questions on two or three topics which students have covered in grade 9 and 10) I asked my students to get in pairs, to prepare a couple of questions on a specific topic and to record themselves. My students used their own mobile phones (or my phone which has the Audioboo app) to record themselves. I then uploaded their audio files on Audioboo which is an online platform which allows to record, upload and share audio. That way when reviewing before their examinations, they can listen to good answers in the comfort of their own home. Moreover, Audioboo allows to create boards to sort out your audio files. I created a new board entittled “IGCSE – preguntas sobre la familia y las relaciones sociales”. This board thus covers the topic of “personal and social life“. When preparing their answers to the questions, my students were engaged as they wanted to have good answers and I think some of them even had fun during the recording process. I also hope it will be helpful to them when revisions are coming!

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