IB Spanish students: social relationships

I teach Spanish language B IB to 5 students this year. I find the programm very interesting as it requires higher level language as well as thinking. However it is quite challenging for my students. One topic we have to cover is about social relationships and it is quite a wide and vague topic, which is good because it leaves us (the teachers) free to dig into what we want to cover. I have chosen to focus on the dictatorship in Argentina and the issue facing many Argentinean families about the disappearing ones. That way I tackle many aspects at once: relationships, nationalism, patriotism, fanaticism, social and/or political structures and social behaviours and stances. I have compiled a list of resources I have used on my wiki from a novel to a song and a poem… There are endless resources to chose from on this topic and the students are interested. It also links to history and Latin American culture.

My big struggle at the moment is to make my students think further and to develop their answers in order to hold a long and interesting conversation. I am working on it and will develop more about it in a later post.

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