French the natural way: le secret pour acquérir le Français

Coucou les French learners,

La compréhension, comprehension is the key to acquire a language.

Terry Waltz, a Chinese teacher and polyglot explains in a thoughtful article about second language acquisition that “Comprehensible Input (abbreviated as “CI”) is what makes people gain proficiency in a language. It is the way all babies learn their first language—by understanding the language they hear.

– So on what are you working at the moment at school? – Well, on a table…

Indeed, when my online learners tell me they are able to understand more and more French, they are on their way to fluency!

Le secret d’une polyglotte

Dr Kato Lomb who has acquired 17 languages and who at age 86 was acquiring Hebrew claimed that “she had no special gift for languages.

A polyglot is a sir who speaks several languages with only one (une langue means a language and also tongue).

Her secret? She READ! “She selected on novel in the target language and read it very thoroughly, preferring novels to language texts because of the artificial language used in the latter. Often, it was a difficult novel (the first English author she read was Galsworthy), but when easier reading was available, she took advantage of it.

Her case is fascinating! It has inspired me to read more in my quest to become proficient in German. Dr Lomb explains that when she reads “she uses a dictionary to look a up a word if it appears three times in the text and she still does not understand it. In the beginning, it is a good idea to simply ignore many words you don’t know if you can understand the text without them.”

I hope her case also inspires you to read in French!

Start with an easy reader. Have a look at my book recommendations on my YouTube channel.

Soon I am planning on having a live on Facebook.

I will be reading aloud Frères de sang by French author Mikaël Ollivier

One evening the Lemeuniers are dining and the police arrives with the eldest son, Brice. They accuse Brice of having murdered five people! Martin, his younger brother, knows Brice is innocent – and decides to prove it!

Join me, listen to a captivating story and get inspired to read!

Let me know if you would be interested?


Une nouvelle série

I am excited to share with you this new story which is the start of a new series of fun stories.

The stories are based on  Spanish teacher, Adriana Ramirez book Learning French with Comprehensible Input through Storytelling, First year French.

Get the book to read all the details of those great stories and absorb vocabulary effortlessly.

The first story is a cute one about blue cats, des chats bleus.

I love hearing from you so keep up sending me feedback. I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.


Happy French acquisition!

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