French the natural way: la fête du citron

Coucou les French learners,

le mois de février touche à sa fin, the mont of February comes to an end. C’est déjà le printemps ici en Europe, it is already spring here in Europe !

Enjoy it, I am not going to hold on for a long time/for long

A little goes a long way“.

Acquiring a new language takes a lot of brain work. Your brain has to acquire a new way of thinking. Recently, a dear learner of mine shared a fascinating article about how a language affects our sense of time. Acquiring another language brings us a new way of seeing the world hence my motto “learn a new language and get a new soul“.

The key is to practice regularly, a bit every day so that your brain can process the new structures and vocabulary.

As my favourite online yoga teacher, Adriene says: “it takes discipline to carve out the time, show up for yourself at home and to stick with regular practice.” Discipline is key but when you enjoy it, discipline becomes pleasure!

ENJOY, stick to it and LISTEN, watch & rewatch one of my videos each day, you will get the Din in your head, your brain will think French, you will understand more, it will get easier.

About the sun, be sure to (re)watch this fun story about François who gets all red!

This illustration of le bras de François, François’ arm done by my Dear Man comes along with the video script in the eBook.

My favorite thing about the eBook is that your contribution directly helps those who cannot afford French lessons by ensuring that the weekly free French stories continue on le Français naturellement YouTube channel.


La fête du citron à Menton

As the sun is out, so les citrons, the lemons! Menton is a lovely place on la Côte d’Azur, the French Riviera also known as la perle de la France, pearl of France.

Read about this beautiful part of France in this article aimed at intermediate learners Découvrir Menton “.

la Fête du Citron, the Lemon Festival is a special event happening right now. The festival uses 120 tonnes of citrus fruit to decorate its gigantic structures and floats. It is truly an amazing event which attracts hundred of thousands of visitors. There is a different theme each year, past themes were Viva España, Disney, Neverland, and India and this year is about fantastic worlds.

Read more about this exceptional event in this short article for French learners ” Le carnaval de Menton : la Fête du Citron “.

Do you like la tarte au citron, lemon tart? I love it! Here is simple recipe which you can listen to as well on Podcast Français Facile. You can also watch my favourite French cook, Julie Andrieu who prepares a creamy lemon tart with lemons coming from where? Menton, bien sûr !

Finally, (re)watch this popular tale from Sénégal which involve love and lemons: La djinné, la jeune femme et l’oiseau.

L’échange des cheveux

I am continuing the series of 10 stories based on the book by Adriana Ramirez, translated and adapted into French by Kristin ArnasonLearning French with Comprehensible Input Through Storytelling. First Year French. Student’s Book“. I really had fun telling those stories and filming them with my Dear Man. They are funny and catching.

Here is my latest story about l’échange des cheveux, hair exchange!

I LOVE to hear from you: let me know how your hair looks like? Which color? Comment sont tes cheveux ? De quelle couleur ?

I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.


Happy French acquisition!

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