Mentormob: the perfect tool for independent learning.

José Picardo who is Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Nottingham High School in England is the curator of Box of Tricks which I follow since I started using the Web 2.0, a few years ago. It is always a mine of discoveries for the best tools to use in the classroom. A few weeks ago I read one of his post introducing Mentormob. I thought this would be the perfect tool for independent learning and especially for flip teaching. According to José Picardo ” MentorMob allows teachers (and why not let your students be the teachers?) to focus the students’s attention by creating learning playlists of relevant content which can be enhanced by quizzes and comprehension exercises to test their knowledge as they go.” I can already see its usefulness with any language topic students are learning. Thus, I decided to have a go but not with Spanish nor French. I created a playlist for my eldest son Louis. As I mentioned a few days ago, Louis is learning Maths with my dad through Skype via Khan Academy. I therefore created a playlist with all the videos and quizzes he has to watch and do so that we now have a “place” on the Web where he can access mathematical knowledge!

What I like about MentorMob is that playlists are easy to create. They are also easy to share and can be embedded. You can choose whether you want your playlist to be public and who can edit it. I also like the fact that you can browse other playlists and copy them onto your profile. I already browsed the Spanish section and copied a playlist about cognates:

However, since it is a fairly new tool there are still not a lot of resources on. I hope to create new playlists related to Spanish for next school year and I look forward to seeing how Louis manages this new tool!

What about you? Have you used Mentormob?

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