Do we need schools nowadays?

My dad has decided to teach Louis, my eldest son Mathematics. To that end and because he lives in Spain and we live in Germany, he has chosen to use Khan Academy and to show Louis one video once a week and then check with him his understanding by using Skype. Therefore this afternoon, my dad showed Louis this video about rays:

Identifying Rays: Identifying Rays

My dad used Chrome Remote desktop to set up the video for Louis to see it. He could then pause it and talk with Louis through Skype anytime. I was amazed! First, even if Louis is seven years old and doesn’t understand it all, he could still grasp the overall concept. Secondly, it made me wonder if brick schools were still useful nowadays. The Internet provides us with tons of lectures and videos made by great teachers and big universities for free. We have access to knowledge for free and yet our children still go to schools when they could learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. I do know that homeschooling in the United States is quite common. However in Europe it is not, to the point that it is forbidden by law in Germany!

Anyway, this is food for thought for today…

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