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Coucou les French learners,

j’ai une grande nouvelle à vous annoncer! I have some big news to announce!

L’abonnement est prêt, the subscription is ready!!!

Boost your French for as little as 4.75EUR/month.

J’adore le vrai café, l’expresso ! An expresso in Portugal is around 0.65 cents. So the monthly subscription is like having 7 expressos.

Take your French journey to the next level with:

  • Exclusive stories (with downloadable PDF file);
  • Podcasts to go with the stories;
  • All published eBooks included;
  • New resources updated regularly.

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Get repeated compelling and comprehensible French input.

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When you subscribe, you get to read and listen to French stories, poems and articles.

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Join us now!

Repeated listening & reading

Do you feel like learning French at school was boring? You are not alone.

Felix felt exactly this way when he had to learn English at school. He didn’t like “memorizing words, studying grammar, doing worksheets and taking tests.” Felix is a 41-year-old Taiwanese man with a high school education, who currently works in the construction industry in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ken Smith relates Felix’ story in this fascinating article.

Although Felix had lost interest in learning English at school, he then tried a different approach later on in his life: “one in which he combined something that he loved, baseball, and something he felt was important, acquiring English. He listened to the broadcasts of Major League Baseball.

Dr. Krashen (1996) explains what Felix experienced in a paper titled “The Case For Narrow Listening”: “Repeated listening, interest in the topic, and familiar context help make the input comprehensible”.

Just showing up for yourself everyday (or regularly) and listening to interesting and comprehensible content in French will enable you to communicate freely in French as it was the case for Felix.

Today already  marks the 15th day of the May challenge #enmaifaidufrançais

Today’s challenge video is a Christmassy one (why not celebrate Christmas again!) about shopping.

BRAVO, Keep it up! 

If you haven’t started yet, no worries. START NOW!

If you want to watch something else than my videos, or if you’d rather read a bookSTART NOW!


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Did you enjoy the second video of the new series Au Portugal? The scripts will be available soon on the membership 🙂

French the natural way: c'est bon pour le moral !

Coucou Les French learners,

Comment ça va ? Vous avez le moral ? Ou vous avez le moral dans les chaussettes ?

How is it going? You feel good? or you are feeling low (your spirits are in your socks)?

To not have the mood in the socks, I take off my socks.

Recently, one of my online learners shared this article in the New York Times about this American journalist who has been living in Paris for 15 years and is still not fluent as she had envisioned when she moved to France! The title of this article is “Why is French so hard to learn?“.

Of course, when you are in the process of learning French and have high expectations, this kind of article will certainly bring your moral in les chaussettes!!!

Mais ne désespérez pas ! Do not despair! I am here to bring you the GOOD news!

C’est bon pour le moral

Do you know this song from La Compagnie Créole ? Ma grand-mère used to always play it to feel good or better.

Pour être de bonne humeur, c’est excellent, n’est-ce pas ?  Read les paroles, the lyrics here.

Just yesterday, Judith Dubois, also known as the Witch in Agen shared this thoughtful article supported by scientific data proving that “adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children”.

Scott Chacon, the author of the article, explains that the main issue is TIME. It is not about learning grammar rules, nor long lists of words, nor brain plasticity. It is about exposure to the language.

Scott Chacon rightly asks: “If you’re in an English speaking school for 5 hours a day as a kid and your parent is studying the same language for an hour a day while you’re there and the kid learns 5 times faster than the parent, is it fair to then conclude that kids learn better than adults?

The article ends on an optimistic note: “You can become fluent in a language in a few years of work, I see it all the time. Even starting much later in life, it’s still possible (if not as common) to reach incredibly high levels of mastery.

Chaque jour un peu…

It is easy for language learners to get discouraged because it takes TIME to acquire a language. Mais attention ! It doesn’t take effort. Acquiring another language is EFFORTLESS.

All you need to find is TIME to listen to and read comprehensible input.


Today marks the 10th day of the May challenge #enmaifaisdufraçais

BRAVO ! Keep it up! Show up everyday and get some French input.

If you haven’t started yet, no worries. START NOW!

If you want to watch something else than my videos, or if you’d rather read a book, START NOW!

Today’s challenge video is a short one about a French children’s book. It is a cute story about a Dad and his son playing football.

Let’s support & motivate each other. When you have watched a video, share it on Social Media with#coucou2019. That way, you also make yourself accountable.


The only cure is MORE INPUT.


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Yearly and monthly subscription to exclusive stories and podcasts should be ready next week! We are now preparing a tutorial to show you how easy it is to get more compelling French input!!!

P.P.S Did you enjoy the first video of the new series Au Portugal? A second video is coming tomorrow



French the natural way: en mai, fais du français 2019

Coucou les French learners,

Joyeux premier mai, Happy 1st May!

May this bit of lily of the valley bring you happiness all year long

Why do the French give muguet, lily of the valley on the 1st of May? Find out in le Petit Scribe blog post.

En mai, fais du français

This year, I have another special challenge for you! I have created un calendrier du mois de mai 2019, a May calendar 2019.

Each day of the coming month, watch one of my videos.

Focus on comprehensible French input everyday!

Listen to a fun story.

Discover a beautiful part of Portugal or France.

Read a book with me.

Find out about a compelling French reader.

Listen to a magical tale, a Greek myth or a fable.


Can you raise the challenge?

Télécharge le calendrier, download the calendar here.

Invite a friend or loved one to join you for the month.

I have also assembled the playlist on YouTube so you can START NOW!

First video is a fun love story involving des chiens roses, pink dogs!

You can save the calendar and check off each day as you go or you can follow along with the playlist.

The new videos (or Nouveau !) are released on Saturdays.

When you have watched a video, share it on Social Media with #coucou2019. That way, you make yourself accountable and we can support and motivate each other!

I am super exciting about this and I hope you are too!!! I hope to see many #coucou2019


The only cure is MORE INPUT.


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.


Happy French acquisition!

P.S. Yearly and monthly subscription to over 150 exclusive stories and podcasts are nearly ready! Can’t wait to share more compelling French input with you!!!

French the natural way : Notre-Dame de Paris

Coucou les French learners,

I was going to write about something completely different but yesterday’s event has changed everything.

As a Parisian, I am shocked and sad. To look on the bright side, Notre-Dame is not completely destroyed and no one is dead. Les pompiers de Paris, the Parisian firefighters did an amazing job throughout the night!

Un hommage

Notre-Dame is part of l’Histoire avec un grand H. Countless writers and poets have written about the Beautiful Lady. Bien sûr, of course Victor Hugo wrote a whole love story taking place in Notre-Dame de Paris.

In the novel, Hugo actually describes flames in the Cathedral when Quasimodo uses fire and stones to attack Truands in order to save Esméralda.

There is also Téophile Gauthier beautiful poem about Notre-Dame, Our Lady.

Notre Dame de Paris, Albert Lebourg

And this other shorter poem by Gérard Nerval, who compares the monument to a very old lady about to die but who will always stay puissante et magnifique.

One of the most ancient literary work mentioning the Cathedral is Gargantua by Rabelais. The novel was written in the 16th century and tells the extravagant adventures of a giant named Gargantua. He travels to Paris to perfect his education. He enjoys sitting on the towers of Notre-Dame to rest. The Parisians are amused to see a giant resting on the church. But one day, Gargantua decides to take les cloches, the bells to put on sa jument, his mare! The Parisians are not so happy but Gargantua gives them back in return of a big meal consisting of  “300 bœufs cuisinés en sauce et de 200 moutons rôtis” ! Read the story here.

Gargantua en haut de Notre-Dame par Gustave Doré

La dernière vidéo de la série

It is the end of of the series of 10 stories based on the book by Adriana Ramirez, translated and adapted into French by Kristin Arnason “Learning French with Comprehensible Input Through Storytelling. First Year French. Student’s Book“.

I posted the last story on Saturday which is about superheroes and cartables, school bags!

I am now taking a break to shoot a new series in my new hometown in Portugal. Watch out for this space!

New video on Saturday 4th of May.

J’adore vos commentaires !

I love hearing from you!

This weekend, I got one of the best comment by a former language teacher.

James Hayden wrote: “After having watched pretty much every video you’ve made, all I can say is this method works much better than I ever expected. I’ve gone from not understanding French at all other than “bonjour” to being able to watch and understand certain types of French TV shows (mostly children’s programming at this point) in about 6 months of almost daily listening combined with other listening/reading practice.

To be fair, I am also already fluent in another romance language, which helps because so much of the grammar and vocabulary is similar. But listening to your stories is what has gradually allowed my brain to understand French. The only downside is that I have no idea how to spell or conjugate verbs in French yet, but I suspect that if I were to read more this would also start to come naturally just as it did for my other languages. Speaking is also difficult for me still, but I have a patient language partner to practice with. You’ve inspired me to question many of my assumptions about language learning, and I only wish input of this caliber existed for other languages.”

This comment is truly useful for all language learners, including myself, who may think they need to practice speaking or to do some grammar worksheets! First thing is to UNDERSTAND in order to communicate.

The only cure is MORE INPUT.


I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.


Happy French acquisition!

P.S. The 30 scripts of the season 1 videos are still downloadable as eBook (pdf). Merci, Thank you to all who have already purchased it. Please let me know what you think.

Support the free videos on YouTube without ads by downloading it.

Contribuez à l’acquisition du français pour tous ! Contribute to French acquisition for all!

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French the natural way: juste la lecture...

Coucou les French learners,

Le printemps est arrivé chez moi ! Spring has arrived at my home!

At this time last year, I published a video about a special garden in la Bretagne, France.

It is getting warmer, ça se réchauffe but there are still cold and rainy days! Des jours de froid et de pluie !

“There are spring rains, delicious when the sky seems to cry of joy.” Paul-Jean Toulet is a poet and a novelist.

So no excuse not to enjoy a good book!

La lecture

I just read about a fascinating case of an adult learner of English as a foreign language who overcame her struggles by reading. This particular learner “had been troubled by the thought that her English was poor, especially in informal situations.

Sounds familiar? Many language learners feel the same way. They lack confidence. This particular learner whose name is Karey “found making presentations in English very frightening, frustrating, and exhausting, especially in front of professors of English as a Foreign Language… Her grammar mistakes and incorrect word choices made her feel humiliated in front of an audience.

How did karey solve her problem? She first tried different approaches: “She began with attempting to read classic literature, a path that many adults try, without success. The language level was simply too high and incomprehensible… She tried online English tutors with a private teacher. She stopped because of the tutors’ obsession with correcting her pronunciation.

Finally she started “to read simple English books she had bought for her children, the Magic Tree House series. These books were not boring, even though they were written for young readers.” And then petit à petit, little by little she read “classic children’s fiction such as Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Swan Lake, and The Secret Garden; and simplified literary works of titles such as Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, A Christmas Carol, The Great Gatsby, etc.

What happened? Karey’s confidence grew and when she had to give another presentation in English, she felt at ease speaking. She says: “When focusing on the content, I simply forgot that I was using English in all discussions!“;


La fiction

Many language learners think they have to “practice” the language in order to learn it. Karey’s case shows the opposite. There is no need to memorize vocabulary nor to practice repeating made-up dialogues.

Fiction contains exactly the materials we need to face this challenge; it includes communication of all types such as chatting, negotiation, discussion, description, narration and even teasing or joking. No school text will encompass all the language features we are likely to encounter in real life.” (Hsieh, Wang & Lee, 2011; McQuillan, 2016).


Krashen (2016) proposed that we achieve the highest level of literacy and language competence over three stages:

  1. hearing stories,
  2. reading self-selected narrow recreational texts,
  3. reading self-selected professional texts in an area of personal interest.

Let’s complete the first stage by listening to this fun story about un roi, a king in Australia who wants to marry his daughter, la princesse !

This video is part of the series of 10 stories based on the book by Adriana Ramirez, translated and adapted into French by Kristin Arnason “Learning French with Comprehensible Input Through Storytelling. First Year French. Student’s Book“.

The best way to listen to comprehensible French for free!

By purchasing the eBook of the scripts to Season #1 videos, you contribute to help those who cannot afford French lessons by ensuring that the weekly free French stories continue on le Français naturellement YouTube channel.

I am here to help you acquire French effortlessly.

Happy French acquisition!

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