Back to school with a song: mi persona favorita

I am back to school after a wonderful summer vacation and in order to get back into the swing of things, I found this catchy song which I played to my grade 8 and 10 classes:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when we listen to a song in class, we listen to it several times in the week at the start of each lesson. My students have the lyrics (in Spanish with the English next to it) in front of them, they listen to the song and they follow the lyrics at the same time. The following week, I usually give my students a quiz with gaps to fill in. This allows students to acquire vocabulary and structures in a kind of “passive” way but after all this is what toddlers do when they acquire their mother tongue! The song also leads to personalized questions and answers such as:
¿Tienes una persona favorita en tu vida?
¿Quién es tu persona favorita y por qué?
¿Cuál es tu animal favorito y por qué?
¿De quién/qué eres fan de y por qué?

You can download the lyrics in Spanish and English here:



2 thoughts on “Back to school with a song: mi persona favorita

  1. Hi

    : )

    I’m an adult, trying to learn Spanish one own…

    I watch Spanish Soaps (the sub-titles help),
    and I listen to Spanish music…

    I think that hearing the songs and looking up
    translations is the most “interesting” way of
    learning for me

    Thank you for this translation!

    : )


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