Describing your home town and local area in Spanish

Another IGCSE topic is about describing where you live. First I had my grade 9 students watch this excellent video about a girl describing where she lives near Madrid (you can watch it with or without subtitles):

I then asked my students to produce a short movie like the one above about their local area. All of them did a fantastic job and here are some examples:

We watched all their videos in class and students gave feedback based on the IGCSE criteria for speaking. I was very pleased because they assessed the language and pronunciation accurately. For example, one student noticed that on the first video the student said “muchos estudiantes ir allí” instead of “muchos estudiantes van allí“. Another student also noticed that “allí” was not pronounced correctly. Students were practicing they listening skills as well as peer assessing. And I am now planning to have grade 10 watch these videos as a revision tool.

It was a simple idea really! But my students liked to create the video although it was for homework and they enjoyed watching the end products all together in class. I think they were proud of their work and they were glad they could use technology instead of pen and paper!

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