How to help students use Google Translate efficiently?

4 thoughts on “How to help students use Google Translate efficiently?

  1. I have found this article really interesting – I think too we have been guilty of out and out banning Google translate rather than working with it, as pupils will inevitably try it out in an attempt to make their life easier. This has given me an idea for a literacy based lesson for some of my lower ability year 8 classes, perhaps we will try out using online translation tools in an attempt to spot the little tiny errors that they are making frequently which are holding them back from making progress to the next level.

  2. Thank you for your comment Sadie. Let me know how your literacy based lesson works with your students. We, as teachers, are on a learning curve to try to educate our students with new tools. So it will be a series of trials and errors and it is always best to share our experiences to improve 🙂

  3. Web based translation have come a long way since the time they first appeared. At the very beginning, they would just translate text word by word, not regard any other aspects, this result in the translated text practically useless. Much of that has been changed with the emergence of the Google translation. It can now hand in pretty good translations of websites. But the web based translations still have some limitations. How should we decide whether we shall do the translation on the web or get a human translator involved? `-

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