Healthier breakfast

I am trying to have healthier breakfasts. My biggest problem is that I am not really hungry in the morning and I do not feel like cooking something up. The fact is I am not a morning person and my dear man (thank you so much for that!) does all the breakfast prep. So we end up having cereals. Due to the fact I was bored of having cereals every morning and that I thought cereals out from a box were not the healthiest option to start the day, I decided to change this habit. First I created a “Healthy Breakfast” board on my Pinterest account and glanced through ideas on other Pinterest boards. However I soon realized that some ideas, like having French toast, were not so healthy but that I still wanted to try them out, so I changed the title of my board to just “Breakfast ideas“! The issue though, was to get up earlier in the morning to prepare those yummy healthy ideas! I found the trick by doing the prep the night before! The top favourite healthy breakfast in my family and the simplest to do by far is avocado on toast. Just mash an avocado with lemon juice, salt and pepper in a bowl the night before. Put it in the fridge. In the morning, toast some bread and spread the avocado. My boys love it and I know it’s super healthy!

What about you? What are you healthy breakfast secrets?

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