Why I am hooked on Google+

Yesterday I mentioned I was hooked on Google+ and here are the two main reasons why:

You can create circles which means that you can group your contacts according to any criteria that you like. For example, I have a circle of just my family and a circle for teachers. There are some things, like pictures of my boys, I don’t want to share with the whole world so I’ll share just with those in my family and close friends circles.

You can follow conversations on Google+ more than on Twitter. I don’t spend an awful lot of time on Twitter which means that sometimes people reply to something I said hours or days ago and I can’t remember what it was about. On Google+ when people reply to something that you’ve posted you always see what prompted their comments tied directly below your original post.

The other thing I quite like about Google+ is that it is easy to follow people mainly because Google+, of course, gets your Gmail contacts for you to use to connect with other people using Google+.

What about you? Do you use Google+?

Disclaimer: my post is largely based on Richard Byrne post 5 things I Like About Building a PLN on Google+.

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