Merlin et la forêt de Brocéliande

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3 thoughts on “Merlin et la forêt de Brocéliande

  1. Je suis un peu confus… Si j’ai bien compris “Merlin a renoncé à sa liberté” … in other words, he let himself be imprisoned for love. Or did she trick him into revealing the curse that she used against him? Was she in the prison with him … à tout jamais réunis?

    1. And apparently I was confused about the word confus, as well. J’ai découvert que c’est un faux ami … and I should have said, Je suis un peu perplexe. Oui?

  2. I’m just going to write in English. 1. I became a bit of a fan of certain French music; I didn’t like it at first, but then, I became addicted, but only to certain vocalists, usually chicks, and 80’s French music .   There is a good song, one of my favorites, “Ma Liberté” par Georges Mustaki, and in that song, well I don’t want to ruin the end for you, but liberté est utilisé avec une connotation similaire que cette chanson, je veux dire, being a bachelor Maybe it’s a French idiosyncracy or idiom ?  En tout cas, la chanson a des bonnes paroles, eh bien, ca ce que je pense.

    2. Cunfus signifie “confused.”  I saw it used to mean “promiscuous” but I couldn’t find it used as a false friend per sa “Je suis confus,” est raison. It means I’m confused.  That’s one thing I know how to say in French.

    Voici cette chanson si vous êtes intéressé. Just do a search  for the lyrics…They’re cool. Although maybe it’s too mellow for you. Vous êtes  plus jeune que moi après tout.