Fait avec amour

  1. bref – in short 
  2. un renne – a reindeer 
  3. rigolo – funny 
  4. met – s/he puts 
  5. un manteau – a coat 
  6. sortir – to go out 
  7. un bisou – a kiss 
  8. travaille – s/he works 
  9. le couloir – the hallway, corridor 
  10. malade – sick 
  11. pose – s/he puts down 
  12. à côté de lui – near him, next to him 
  13. plier – to fold 
  14. comme c’est gentil ! – how kind, how nice ! 
  15. apporte – s/he brings 
  16. montre – s/he shows 
  17. un bonhomme de neige – a snowman 
  18. dehors – outside 
  19. un cadeau – a gift, present 
  20. la bûche de Noël – the Christmas log (special cake for Christmas)  
  21. sonne – s/he rings 
  22. une voiture – a car 
  23. la rue – the street 
  24. un sac – a bag 

~ FIN ~

6 thoughts on “Fait avec amour

  1. I’ve just joined, but I’m a bit disappointed tbh. I wouldn’t class this as comprehensible input. I didn’t understand many messages. Sure, I can guess a few words here and there, but I was not engrossed in the story because I wasn’t getting the messages enough. 🙁

  2. Please ignore my comment above. I have just realised that this was a baby story not a baby stage video. The baby stage videos are amazing and I absolutely love them! Understood every message and learned loads while being fully engaged with the stories! Love them and thank you!

    1. Good to know Nick! Yes, this story is more advanced if you are a total beginner. But you can watch the short video at the bottom of the page as it will help you to understand the story in French. Happy French acquisition!