Baby Stage – Introduction

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14 thoughts on “Baby Stage – Introduction

  1. Absolutely love this! I am so so happy I found you, I can’t wait to go through all your lessons and start absorbing and acquiring the beautiful French language. Mālō e ngāue lahi! This means “thank you for all your hard work” in the Tongan language (my heritage).

  2. I wasn’t aware until recently that French is the only other language besides English to be taught in every country in the world in schools. That’s amazing! This journey is really opening my eyes how ignorant I am/was as a native English speaker, unfortunately we tend to be lazy and assume everyone knows English. I was also unaware just how strong the case is for learning French above any other language, have a look at this full and detailed list:

    I think it can be said, if knowing English opens the front door to the world, knowing French most certainly opens the back door too.

    Happy acquisition guys!

    1. I didn’t realise this either boomer, it is good to know. I carried on learning French because I started at school and it was familiar and of course it was once the language of diplomacy so all well educated people spoke it. I would quite like to learn Spanish too and can see that after learning French it will be so much easier as there are many cognates with French and English.

  3. There is also a really good resource here if anyone is interested. It’s called French in Action. It’s a 52 part series which also lets you learn about French culture and how French people carry out their day to day interactions. It is quite fast though, I am used to Alice speaking slowly and clearly so I had quite a bit of trouble adjusting. I hope it helps you guys out.

    1. Thank you for sharing this authentic resource Andy. I also noticed whilst acquiring German that I am getting used to the pace of the people I watch and then when I listen to other podcasts or videos, it is too fast for me. I think this is part of the process and the more we listen, the easier it gets to understand all kinds of speeches! Once the Baby Stage is over, the Infant Stage will be at a faster pace 🙂 Your comments are always valuable, merci !

  4. Alice I am up to lesson 15 of your baby stage lessons. I was wondering what comes next? Is there a next stage and how do I get that?

    1. Bravo Tony! Little by little I am adding more sessions. There are 24 sessions so far but there will be 30 sessions in total in the Baby Stage course. Once it is done, the Infant Stage will be released. You can also go through the hundred of stories which you can listen to and read, just enter a keyword in the search box, something you would like to read about like “animal” or “paris” or “tale” or the level you are looking for such as “easy”, “intermediate”, “upper beginner”…

      Watch the exclusive videos
      Look at the new stories
      Listen to the audio books

      Happy French acquisitions!

  5. Hi, I am so happy to have found you Alice. I studied French, at school, college and as part of my Eurpean Studies degree at university. I could write essays in French but that was over 10 years ago and I never learnt to speak French, I could not understand the listening exercises in the classes. I have forgotten the verbs although I have a large vocabulary.
    I found you through LingQ and I could understand most of what you said and I could understand the rest when you rephrased it or through context. I am learning to teach English as a foreign language and can see the benefit of learning a language by acquiring it this way. The stories are so amusing and you are such an inspiring teacher. Your genuine passion for teaching is very reassuring.

    1. Not at the moment Tony but maybe later in the future for small groups. However the first step in language acquisition is very “lonely”. First, you have to get ABUNDANT input on your own everyday before starting to speak. So there is actually no point in having “lessons”. When you feel ready to speak and most importantly you feel you will be able to understand the person speaking to you then you can start looking for people to talk to. You don’t even need to find a proper teacher giving lessons 🙂 So my live sessions will be for more like “French book clubs” for intermediate learners who feel ready to interact. Thank you for asking 🙂