Adult Stage – Vidéo 1 – La grotte de Lascaux

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13 thoughts on “Adult Stage – Vidéo 1 – La grotte de Lascaux

  1. The graphics in this video are beautiful, and your account of the grotto’s history is very interesting. I was unaware of this grotto, so now another place to visit while in France… someday. I continue to learn so much by being a member of this community. What a benefit. What a treasure! Merci Alice et Ben.

  2. Merci pour cette histoire interessante, Alice 🙂 Mais c’est triste, n’est pas, qu’ils doivent être protéger comme ça)? C’est la vie moderne …

  3. So was this grotte part of the legenday “tunnel secret” that led to the Château de Lascaux? Or is there no connection, meaning it’s a totally separate discovery? Merci Alice.