Happy new year 2016: yoga mantras!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a prosperous year full of happiness and success!!!

This year is kind of totally new for me. Although I am looking after my fourth baby, it is a new experience, I have to adapt to a new life and find a new balance. Technically I am a full-time mom but not so long ago I discovered comprehensible input and TPRS and I now would like to put it into full practice. Although I am not teaching normal classes, I do teach individual students and this gives me the opportunity to try out techniques and see how they work. I also want to continue to share my yoga practice and recipes for big families.

I have just started the yoga camp with Adriene and I love it! I love the mantras for each video as it allows me to focus on one aspect of my life each day. So far I accept who I am and my life situation at the present moment. I also create a new way of life because having a new child is having to seek new ways for my family:

What about you? What do you accept and what do you create?



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