French resources about the Epihany

To share the Epiphany tradition with your French students, here are some ideas:

Explain the tradition
The Mary Glasgow website published an article La Galette des Rois which explains the tradition in France with its audio version to download (all for free). The big plus is that the article is available in different levels (basic, pre-intermediate or intermediate).

Tell a popular story
My dear sister-in-law who is a primary school teacher suggested the children’s story Roule Galette … which is very popular amongst preschoolers (because the ending is not happy!). If you Google it, you can find tons of resources created by French primary school teachers. Browsing them, I created my own document with the adaptation of the story (aimed at French learners) and some comprehension questions to go with the story: you can download it here.

One way to teach this story with some flipping into it would be to:

  • have students watch the cartoon version of the story at home. The aim is for them to get the overall point of the story with the help of the animations. They should not try to understand everything in details but to watch and listen and get the point:
  • read the story to the students in class “TPRS style”. When the galette sings the song, students could sing it too.
  • read the story again (students on their own) in silence and answer the comprehension questions.
  • play the game le jeu de l’oie de Roule Galette in groups of 2 to 4. All you need are some dice and to print out the board game and the pieces along with the rules. This game is simple but perfect to have students communicate in French and revise numbers and commands.

Sing a traditional song and bake!
This presentation should help to introduce the song J’aime la galette. It comes with the recipe of the galette which could be tried.
Download it here for free on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What about you? How do you share this celebration with your students?

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