Yoga to become strong

I discovered yoga soon after the birth of my third boy. I wanted to get back into shape and it worked. Before I always thought yoga was a kind of meditation activity but that it didn’t involve a lot of physical activity. I was wrong! Yoga can make you sweat! And in my hectic life, it is the best “me” time I can get: a moment of quietness in the day to reflect, pause, pray and at the same time stretch and activate my whole body. I love it and I need it 🙂

The other great thing about yoga is that you merely need a mat to practise it. You can do it anywhere whenever and if you want someone to lead you through the poses, you can access thousands of online videos. One online teacher I love to follow is Adriene because she is fun and she makes yoga accessible to everybody. Usually I tend to do different yoga videos throughout the week but this week I have been doing the same practice nearly everyday. In fact I followed Adriene’s advice to “return to this practice to experience growth“. Although it was the same, everyday was different. One pose one day would be challenging and the next day, it would become easy. Adriene ended her newsletter with a quote which summarizes what I experienced this week “The journey is the reward.

Try this flow for a week:

or if you are new to yoga, try this one:

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