Reviewing holidays with IGCSE students

We are now reviewing for the IGCSE speaking examination in less than two weeks time! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I created different boards on Audioboo related to the different topics my students will be asked about. I posted samples of questions and answers which my students recorded in groups so that they can review at home or in the bus or wherever and whenever they want!

To review the topic about holidays, my students brainstormed in groups the questions I could ask them. They wrote them down on a big piece of paper. They then passed their paper to another group who answered the questions:

I then showed this video which I found on Difusión ELE (an amazing source for Spanish videos):

I would pause after having listened to each question and answers and I would ask the students about their own answers.

Lastly, students prepared different questions in small groups and recorded them. I posted their recordings on Audioboo:

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