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Acquire another language the natural way! Book a free trial session now!

You, your children, your grandchildren…
You can acquire French or Spanish naturally by staying at home and by taking private online lessons with me:

  • Directly from your home or office: you save time, you focus on the language straight away and you quickly go back to your day job when the session is over.
  • Sessions last for 20 to 30 minutes: they are easy to fit in your busy schedule!
  • From 1 to 5 sessions a week: it is flexible according to your needs.
  • Collaboration tools such as chat or screen sharing ensure nothing is missed.
  • Webcam and videos of yourself help you improve faster. You literally see how you become fluent!
  • Online resources such as articles and videos so that you keep practicing every day.
  • YOU HAVE FUN: conversations are about what interest you.

You acquire the language the natural way:

  • You get fast impressive results because it is different from the traditional language approaches.
  • It is based on “story building” and on “story listening”: you create and tell your own stories, you listen to stories.
  • Your brain stores the new words effortlessly and permanently because it generates multiple connections.
  • You acquire the most frequent words used in the language you want to know.
  • You understand 90% of the spoken language.
  • You listen and read about what interests you.

Remember that acquiring (and not learning) a language should be an enjoyable experience.

When you laugh and have fun, you will make it!

Experience the natural way yourself by giving it a try: meet me online for a free 30 minutes session or contact me at

I’ve been having french lessons with Alice for nearly three weeks now and I cannot recommend her enough. My french has improved enormously through working with her – despite the fact I have dyslexia which has often prohibited me from retaining information. Alice has a variety of tactics to help me remember important words and grammatical details and through her my french conversation is far better than it has ever been. She is very patient, enthusiastic and has a dynamic and creative way of teaching the language – through storytelling in particular.Elfy, stand-up comedian, London, UK.
I wanted to thank you for the excellent classes you gave me to learn and improve my French. The time I had in France was one of the best in my life and I am very happy that I had the chance to experience such an adventure and this could not have been possible without you. I hope that we will start our Skype sessions soon so that we can continue our lessons :-)” Max, grade 9 student, Weimar, Germany.
Thank you very much for all you did for my son! He had an amazing time in Antibes in all ranges (“I love France and the French”). He was surprised, because the school put him into the advanced course.” Christoph, architect and father, Weimar, Germany.
I know Alice as a colleague at an International School for many years. She is passionate about her students and presenting them with the most up to date learning experiences. Currently, she is tutoring my own children and they enjoy the lively and interesting sessions with her. I can truly recommend Alice for her dedication and outstanding work.” Mari, teacher and mother, Weimar, Germany.
Alice is teaching French to a small group of 11-year old girls (level DELF Prim A2). It is a lively course in which the students learn and use French in a variety of contexts. Alice adopts the material in a wonderful way to the age group. They use the language in a playful way in games, but also work efficiently on building vocabulary and reading and writing skills. The girls are always looking forward to course (even though it is an extra activity, scheduled on top of regular school hours ;-) ).” Petra, teacher and mother, Jena, Germany.
My son had just 1 lesson with Alice .It was a brilliant start. Thank you.” Miranda, mother, London, UK.
Thank you Alice sure will call you again and we will recommend you to friends. Thank you you have been very helpful and great teacher.” Miranda, mother, London, UK

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