Homemade plum tart

When it comes to making a tart nothing beats homemade sweet pastry dough! Jamie Oliver’s head chef pastry articulates it perfectly in his post on tips for perfect homemade pastry: “Making your own pastry may seem like a slow and intensive process, but that’s the joy of it. Comfort food isn’t just about the way read more »

French game to recycle and repeat: Jean-Jacques Julier

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos I am back home after a big road trip which took my whole family all the way down to Portugal, then Spain and finally to La Bretagne in France. We got to discover beautiful places and meet amazing people and we also had the chance to reunite read more »

How to build up to a story in French?

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos My online learners are acquiring French at a fast and steady pace and it is amazing to watch them progress naturally. Unlike last school year when I was trying to use TPRS along with my other resources, I have decided to give it a full go following read more »

La flognarde aux pommes or The French apple flan

This is a long overdue recipe which is a popular dessert in France and at home! It is kind of easy to prepare and requires few ingredients, well… The French basics for a dessert which are flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk and a bit of alcohol but optional! This delicious dessert is similar to read more »

The lion’s breath or how to refocus

Last year when I was teaching Spanish, I became a fan of brain breaks. According to Dr. Lori Desautels: “They refocus our neural circuitry with either stimulating or quieting practices that generate increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, where problem solving and emotional regulation occur.” I started to use brain breaks because the length of teaching read more »

How can a children’s book be for everyone?

I am always on the look for interesting funny stories and at the same time stories which are comprehensible to my learners. A few months ago when I was busy breastfeeding, I was reading the TPRS bible “Fluency through TPR storytelling” by Blaine Ray and Contee Steel and one chapter entitled “Kindergarten Day” caught my read more »

Total Physical Response in online teaching

It is amazing how time is flying and I have realized that it has been way over a month that I have written a new post! As it happened, I have been busy teaching students online face to face. It is a truly exciting time for me because I am experiencing teaching in another way read more »

The many benefits of online teaching

I must confess that since teaching students via Skype or Google hangout, I am having a lot of fun! I have also noticed the many benefits of online instruction. New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos First of all, the learner is in the comfort of his home which helps lowering the affective filter. I have read more »

Vegetables alla carbonara

Lately I have been trying to eat less carbohydrates not only because I do feel better and less exhausted but also because I have noticed that my older boys eat a lot of carbohydrates at lunchtime. They eat at school and whenever I ask them what they had for dinner, they usually respond they had read more »

French story and poem: un amour qui finit mal !

My French students are now learning the passé composé in class and I am looking for ways to help them acquire this new tense without doing the traditional grammar approach. The first text which came to my mind was Le déjeuner du matin which is actually a poem widely taught in French classes because the language read more »