How to improve attention by breathing consciously?

Conscious breathing exercises are a big part of yoga and I must admit that at first they were not my favorite part. I started doing yoga because I wanted to get back in shape after giving birth to my third child and I wanted to exercise. Breathing was something optional to me. Needless to say read more »

How to find out about your learners interests in a compelling way?

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos I have started teaching French to a group of 3 girls aged 10 years old. They are native German but they have been attending a primary school where they were taught French intensively, it was like an immersion type of school so their level is very good. read more »

Tomato soup

Days are getting colder here in Germany and it is time to enjoy a filling soup. It is our habit to have a soup at dinner time during the cold seasons until days get warmer again. I usually make a soup using whatever vegetables are in season and to adjust smoothly to a real “wintry” read more »

Professional development at your fingertips!

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos I think I am becoming a pro at multitasking! To be clear I am not fond of household chores, I find them so boring and I always end up thinking I am wasting my “brain time” and could do something much more productive! However my whole life read more »

Coconut flan

Although I had already waved goodbye to summer a few weeks ago, it has been unusually hot here in Germany and I have been trying not to use the oven too much. Salads in all shapes and forms were on the menu these last few weeks and as for baking, I would either bake in read more »

From story-telling to story-asking

I am reading TPRS with Chinese characteristics: making students fluent and literate through comprehensible input by Terry Waltz and I am learning a great deal! I definitely recommend this book if, like me, you want your learners to truly develop fluency and proficiency in another language and on the other hand you do not consider read more »

Let’s celebrate success!

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos Today as we enter the month of September and we slowly start to wave goodbye to summer, let the sun shine and let me share a success story using TPRS and comprehensible input online! Back in April an ex Spanish student of mine contacted me because he wanted read more »

Homemade plum tart

When it comes to making a tart nothing beats homemade sweet pastry dough! Jamie Oliver’s head chef pastry articulates it perfectly in his post on tips for perfect homemade pastry: “Making your own pastry may seem like a slow and intensive process, but that’s the joy of it. Comfort food isn’t just about the way read more »

French game to recycle and repeat: Jean-Jacques Julier

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos I am back home after a big road trip which took my whole family all the way down to Portugal, then Spain and finally to La Bretagne in France. We got to discover beautiful places and meet amazing people and we also had the chance to reunite read more »

How to build up to a story in French?

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos My online learners are acquiring French at a fast and steady pace and it is amazing to watch them progress naturally. Unlike last school year when I was trying to use TPRS along with my other resources, I have decided to give it a full go following read more »