Which Spanish books for the school library?

The very kind librarian at my school sent me an email about whether I could send her a list with titles of Spanish books for the library as there is some money to be spent. However, I am not sure what would be the best/most useful for the students to order. A few year ago I bought different kinds of books in Spain: from children books to novels which I started to list on the Spanish wiki. However I realized that my students won’t go and get a Spanish book to read at home for themselves. I tried to foster reading in class with, for example, a book project in grade 7 (12 to 13 years old students) but I have noticed that students already have a lot on their plate with reading in English and in German.

I am now thinking of getting more children books which I would read in class the way primary teachers tell stories to their class. I think this listening activity could be perfect to start a lesson and get the students all centered and ready to switch to Spanish mode; or to end a lesson in order to re-focus the minds after working on a project for example. I have been looking at the fantastic Spanish Playground site and Eric & Julieta series by Isabel Muñoz seem like a good match with what I would like to implement. Another book I would like to get is Sofía en una aventura por la selva simply because I have become a yogini myself and because mixing yoga and Spanish seem like an interesting language-learning experience!

I now need your help: what would you recommend me to order???

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