Spanish table manners

This video is great when teaching the topic of “eating and drinking” in Spanish. It is about Spanish table manners which are actually quite similar to the French table manners, apart from the olive oil on the table. I sympathize with Marina about the napkins. I actually do also find it “violent” not to have a napkin when eating! In fact, I cannot eat without a napkin!

Conversations to follow could be:
  • ¿ Cuáles son las costumbres en la mesa en tu país?
  • ¿ Te parece violento comer sin servieta?
  • ¿ Cómo se pasa la sal en tu país?
  • ¿ En tu país, qué se come mucho?
  • ¿ Eres un(a) chapuza?

2 thoughts on “Spanish table manners

  1. Hi! I have already watched your video, and I must say that most of the things Marina has explained are not only considered in Spain, but for many western countries. Unfortunately these times dont pay any attention to the good education in many countries, and nowadays they have lost their manners.
    **We, Spanish people, do it well.The napking topic is not a crazy Spanish manner, the thing is that if you dont do it like that in the UK is your problem and your lack of education. Check out this video and youll understand what I say:

    1. Sofia, I am French so we do have napkins and actually a lot of table manners! I have also lived in the UK for quite a while as well as in Spain and this video (which is not mine) reflects exactly the different eating behaviours which are happening nowadays.I intend to show my students this video as a cultural element with no judgments.

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