Spanish story script: se vende

This story comes from the wonderful Martina Bex who posts so many brilliant ideas and resources on her blog. I started a new unit with my grade 6 class which is about going shopping and this story fitted perfectly!

Speaking/vocabulary: I first started by introducing the different shops to my students using this slideshow: SHOPS. I wanted my students to see a pattern which is that most shops in Spanish end with the suffix -ría. And if they are not sure, they can still explain what the shop is selling by starting their sentences with “la tienda de…“. I think it is very important for language learners to make connections and discover patterns.

Reading/ vocabulary: students matched cards. They matched the shops with the products they sell: Shops + Products Cards. They then filled in this worksheet to consolidate the new vocabulary and also to use object pronouns which we have been using since the start of the year: Las_tiendas.

Listening/ speaking: I then told the story “Se vendeasking the students lots of questions to repeat and reinforce the key structures and vocabulary they had just acquired (“TPRS style”). The target structures were:

  1. se vende – is sold
  2. está de moda – in style
  3. compra – buys

Speaking: students first matched cards I created on Quizlet. They had to match the Spanish structures with their English translations. Using the cards, they had to tell a similar story to the one they had just heard.

Writing: the final task was to write a story using the structures they had learned. A few weeks later, I was super happy when a few of my students used “está de moda” in another written task. They had do describe someone and they used this expression to explain a hair cut or a hobby: tiene el corto porque está de moda…

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