Resources for English learners: shopping and the issue of being a shopaholic.

Last week, I was writing about my new “job” which is to teach online private lessons to Spanish students who want to improve their English. (via Google hangout or Skype). For now, it is going very well and I am receiving positive feedback from my students which is always good!

Using the Edmodo platform is proving to be very useful as I keep sending many comprehensible resources so that my students can practise regularly and so that I can give them instant feedback on how well they are doing and encourage them to keep going. One of my student has to practise talking about any topic for 4 minutes as it is part of her oral exam. I found this great website aimed at ESL teachers which has a list of different topics with questions to develop the topic. One topic we have been discussing lately is fashion and one question was “Are you a shopaholic?” which I think is good expression as it derived from other expressions such as “workaholic” or “alcoholic“.


I also found an interesting article about an 18 years old girl who was a shopaholic and is now trying to solve her addiction. I adapted it and I included comprehension and personal questions.
Here is the document which you can edit to suit your own needs. (Of course you can also download it for free on Teachers Pay Teachers along with other useful resources!).

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