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Last night I posted a video about Spanish table manners from Ben and Marina. Here is another video from Ben and Marina to learn and/or review Spanish fruit and vegetables:

As well as the video, you can get the full list of vocabulary on Ben and Marina’s website. I thought that after having watched and talked about the two videos, students could work in groups and set a Spanish table to then pretend to have a meal. They would use the vocabulary and expressions in the videos such as:

  • ¡Pásame la sal/el aceite, por favor!
  • ¿Dónde está mi servieta?
  • Quiero un manzana/ un poco de ensalada…
  • ¡Estoy mas sana que una manzana!
  • ¡Tampoco te pases!
  • Están super ricos/malos…

For the plates, glasses and cutlery, the teacher could bring some disposable ones. As for the food, the teacher could either bring plastic toy food (I know I can borrow some from the primary teachers at my school!) or students could draw some. I posted the resources and activities on Spanish curriculum wiki under grade 9 and 10 IGCSE topic “eating and drinking”.

What do you think? Do you do a similar activity with your Spanish students?

2 thoughts on “More on Spanish food

  1. I love the idea of using both of these videos to build to a meal of their own! How fun! It’d be fun to add a game element where students have to watch if students do something “wrong” according to Spanish manners like putting their hands under the table or their elbows on the table or pass the salt wrong. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy the resources you highlight!

    1. Thank you Lisa 🙂 The idea of the “right” or “wrong” game is an excellent idea. Students could get “good manners” points! Thank you for contributing 🙂

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