How to encourage students to produce comprehensible output on sports







My grade 7 students (12-13 years old) did comprehensible presentations about some popular sports in Hispanic countries. First, I wanted to model a presentation because whenever my students produce Spanish output, the language is complicated and often translated from their mother-tongue which doesn’t make sense in Spanish. This time, I first showed them a sample presentation I created about baseball in the Dominican Republic and I then gave them a list of Hispanic sports and countries to choose from. My students had to work in pairs and their objective was to ensure their presentation would be comprehensible for the whole class with a quiz at the end to check that the audience had learned something. I also encouraged them to search the information on Spanish websites and on so that they would not translate. I explained that they should look for the information that they understood because that meant that the rest of the class would also understand it.

I think that the result was quite successful and productive and it has motivated me to make my students create comprehensible output. The key is to model output and to look for comprehensible input!

Here is the presentation I created: El beisbol en la Republica Dominicana
and of course you can also download it for free on TeacherspayTeachers.

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