Fruit crumble

I don’t know about you but now that days are getting colder and shorter, I am craving for a slice of cake!
However baking a cake can take time and effort so when I am running out of time and I am in need of something sweet, I go for a crumble. It takes less time than mixing all the ingredients for cake and it doesn’t require eggs which is always an option if you don’t have any eggs left. The beauty of it is that you can be creative and try with any kind of fruit: apple, pear, rhubarb…. If you don’t want to peel and cut, you can use canned fruit such as pineapple or peaches. I also find it relaxing to crumble the butter, flour and sugar with my fingers!

Anyhow, here is my version:

1. Butter an oven-proof dish and place fruits.

2. Crumble with your fingers: 100g plain flour, 80g almond flour, 80g caster sugar and 100g cold butter. Lay the mixture evenly over the fruits.

3. Put the dish in the preheated oven at 180 degrees and let it bake until golden on top for about 20 minutes.

New photo by alice ayel / Google Photos

What is your favourite crumble?

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