Becoming a YES person

I read 10 Tips for becoming a YES Mom from The Happy Housewife and it got me thinking about me as a mum. I must admit that I am more a NO mom than a YES mom. I do have quite a lot in common with the Happy Housewife as “I tremble at words like paper mache, play-doh, and glitter. I don’t like dirt (especially on my floors), bugs, or science experiments...“. I like my house to be clean and tidy and I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to making crafts with my boys! Hence, I do tend to say “no” more often than “yes”. However, I do realize that time goes fast and that I should spend more time playing and messing around with my boys than cleaning and tidying. After all, I will have all the time to do that once my children have left the house to become adults! So my plan is to start to be a YES person. Not only a YES mom but also a YES teacher and a YES person. At school, as a teacher I also have the tendency to say “NO”. My objective, next school year is to be prepared to say “yes” to my students and also to say “yes” in the staffroom and during meetings. I do think that not only it will make me become more positive but also happier and less frustrated.

I am French! So I do know that this change in attitude will not come overnight and that I will have to work hard but I do know that it will improve my life as a whole. So let’s try and a good place to start would be to watch Yes Man again! What do you think?

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