Back to school!

I am officially back to work after a wonderful holiday with my family in France and in Spain. It has actually been more than a week that I am back to school but it has been a shock to the system (getting back to the routine after more than a year of maternity leave!). That is mainly why I have not blogged for a while and also because I was on holidays touring Europe.

The main big thing for me this school year is that I have my own classroom (yeah!) which means that I can decorate it the way I want:

I decided to put classroom instructions and school objects for the start of the school year. I also went for a U-shape or square shape. That way, I can move around freely to check students’ work and I can also stand in the center of the classroom to tell stories or to do choral repetitions of key words and structures. At first I was not use to it, so I tended to stand near to my desk but I try to remind myself to move and stand in the middle!


I also tried to display objects which remind of Spain or the Hispanic culture:

My dear man printed the bull with his 3d-printer as well a the cup to hold my pens!
I hope to post a lot of resources and ideas I use in my Spanish lessons. Watch this space!

What about you? How does your classroom look like?


3 thoughts on “Back to school!

  1. Bonjour.
    C’est très sympa de nous montrer ta salle. Disposer les tables en U est un plus pour les interactions orales c’est sûr. Encore ne faut-il pas avoir 30 élèves.
    Le porte-crayons est superbe.
    Bon courage pour ce retour.
    À plus.

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