Spanish video: ¿Qué hiciste ayer?

The Spanish channel SGEL ELE Español para extranjeros is a goldmine for comprehensible videos with vocabulary and structures related to the IGCSE course. My grade 9 students watched this video about a Saturday night which lead to a fun project!

Speaking: Before watching the video, the lesson started with a conversation about parents versus teenagers and if parents should let their children go out late on a Saturday night. The verb “dejar” and the expression “dejar salir” were practiced:
¿Tus padres te dejan salir con tus amigos?
¿Puedes salir tarde un sábado por la noche?
¿Tus padres te dejan salir hasta muy tarde?
¿Hasta qué hora te dejan salir tus padres?
¿Crees que es justo o injusto?
¿Qué hiciste el sábado pasado?
(this question introduces the video).

Listening: students then watched the video first with subtitles and general comprehension questions were asked after the first viewing. Students then watched the video a few more times without subtitles and filled in the listening worksheet which you can download here: video.que.hiciste.ayer
By filling in the missing verbs, students also practiced the verb forms in the pretérito indefinido.

Speaking: students worked in groups and prepared a video about a similar situation. Students could choose whether the parents were OK with the situation or whether they were upset about their child coming back late on a Saturday night.


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