Spanish beginners can write a story!

This school year I started to tell more stories TPRS style. I got no training at all so I do my own thing which seems to work well. I invent stories which are fun to listen to and easy to understand even for Spanish beginners. I already wrote some of the stories when I was on maternity leave and I used them with grade 6 and 7. The first one I told was “Todo es posibe” which I simplifed a bit. At the end of the story, my students could use “es posible” and they could also understand “dice” and “pregunta“.

I am very proud of my grade 6 who are absolute beginners because thanks to this new method, they can already listen and understand a full story in Spanish. Not only can they do that, they can also write their own story. After hearing me telling the story, I gave them the transcript and they had to draw what was happening in each sequence of the story. I then gave them a grid with four boxes and they had to write their own version of the story. Some of them only changed the names of the characters but most of them changed the actions too and I was astounded by the quality and creativity of the work some of them produced. Here are some snaps of their work:

grade6.story1 grade6.story2 grade6story3
Here is the worksheet with story and grid to download: todoesposible

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  1. The results are exciting aren’t they!!!! I started almost 15 years ago and never looked back!!


    with love,

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