Simplifying cooking

Lately I have become a big fan of Stonesoup by Jules Clancy. Her way of cooking is dead simple and requires few ingredients. In fact her recipes are done in minutes and are still tasty and very healthy. Therefore, inspired by her blog and recipes I have made a huge change in the way I cook now. Instead of planning ahead and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I now scan for what fresh food I have left in my fridge and for cans in my cupboard. I also go the market around the corner of where I live and buy some seasonal fruit and vegetables and then cook up a meal in minutes. I cook the vegetables for a short period of time so that they keep their vitamins and goodness and I use a lot of lentils, chickpeas and beans. Not only does this new way of cooking gives me more quality time with my children, it also makes me and my family feel better!
For example the other day, I had Italian beans that I bought on my yoga retreat. I cooked them with spinach, spring onions , flat parsley (all from the market), Bulgarian feta type cheese and paprika. It was yummy and healthy!

I also recommend the tuna pesto pasta and rice and greens from Jules Clancy!

What about you? How do you cook?

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