2014 Goals

I usually set myself a few goals at the start of a new year but this time I have decided to restrain myself!

My main goal is really to keep updating this blog on a regular basis. I would like to post something that went well during a lesson (or something that went wrong) once a week. I think what is refraining me from posting regularly is that it is going to take me a lot of time when I could only post a small activity or even just a picture which was inspiring… So let’s try it this year!
Today, on our first day back to school, we talked about our goals in the 12th grade class. I showed my students this picture from my Pinterest board:

Needless to say my students’ main goal is to pass their IB exams at the end of the year! Well… My goal, of course is to make them pass their Spanish exams and they are going to have to work hard 😉

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