Alice is obviously an experienced teacher! Her story method makes learning fun and entertaining. Merci, Alice!” Sally, Austin, USA
It’s always very fun to work with Alice!” Junko, Vienna, Austria.
Hey Alice, Its a pleasure having a chance talk with you ! I felt I have learned French in a fun and enjoyable way ! What a productive session yesterday ! Thank you so much for the thoughtful study plan for the upcoming week! They seem fun and challenging.
I have enjoyed our last session, it was so much fun exploring and learning a new language with you.Thank you for sending me all these helpful contents, I feel like I am making progress little by little each and every single day ! Looking forward seeing you soon on next session.
” Athena, Melbourne, Australia.
Alice was amazing! Daughter loved the session and found it extremely helpful. We’re booking another right now. What a find!” Lisa, mother, UK.
“There is something so special about the way Alice teaches. I finished the language lesson energized, not tired! I am new to studying languages and sometimes when a lesson is over, I feel mentally exhausted. Alice made the lesson fun and l learned so much in such a short time!” Chasity, Dallas, USA.
I truly enjoyed our session today. I am delighted to be working with you and SO pleased that I found you.  I will be happy to pay you for today as well … yes, it was that good.  The session got me out of my head and away from worries about getting it right and then worrying about being wrong. :)Nancy, USA.
“Thank you for a very good and helpful lesson for my daughter!”
“Wonderful lesson with Alice, for my 16 year old daughter, to get help with conversation and study of literary texts. Thank you!” Elizabeth, mother, USA.
“I’ve been having french lessons with Alice for nearly three weeks now and I cannot recommend her enough. My french has improved enormously through working with her – despite the fact I have dyslexia which has often prohibited me from retaining information. Alice has a variety of tactics to help me remember important words and grammatical details and through her my french conversation is far better than it has ever been. She is very patient, enthusiastic and has a dynamic and creative way of teaching the language – through storytelling in particular.” Elfy, stand-up comedian, London, UK.
I wanted to thank you for the excellent classes you gave me to learn and improve my French. The time I had in France was one of the best in my life and I am very happy that I had the chance to experience such an adventure and this could not have been possible without you. I hope that we will start our Skype sessions soon so that we can continue our lessons :-)” Max, grade 9 student, Weimar, Germany.
Thank you very much for all you did for my son! He had an amazing time in Antibes in all ranges (“I love France and the French”). He was surprised, because the school put him into the advanced course.” Christoph, architect and father, Weimar, Germany.
I know Alice as a colleague at an International School for many years. She is passionate about her students and presenting them with the most up to date learning experiences. Currently, she is tutoring my own children and they enjoy the lively and interesting sessions with her. I can truly recommend Alice for her dedication and outstanding work.” Mari, teacher and mother, Weimar, Germany.
Alice is teaching French to a small group of 11-year old girls (level DELF Prim A2). It is a lively course in which the students learn and use French in a variety of contexts. Alice adopts the material in a wonderful way to the age group. They use the language in a playful way in games, but also work efficiently on building vocabulary and reading and writing skills. The girls are always looking forward to course (even though it is an extra activity, scheduled on top of regular school hours ;-) ).” Petra, teacher and mother, Jena, Germany.
My son had just 1 lesson with Alice .It was a brilliant start. Thank you.” Miranda, mother, London, UK.
Thank you Alice sure will call you again and we will recommend you to friends. Thank you you have been very helpful and great teacher.” Miranda, mother, London, UK

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